IPFS on .bit

IPFS on .bit

First, publish the content to IPFS and obtain a CID or IPNS. For blog websites, it is recommended to use Planet (opens in a new tab) for publishing.

Update .bit dweb record

Visit (opens in a new tab)

Update the IPFS/IPNS records under the dweb section.

add ipfs record

Waiting for confirmation

Wait a few minutes, and once the update is complete, you can access your website at (opens in a new tab).


IPFS = immutable *Pointer => content
IPNS = **Pointer => content

IPNS (opens in a new tab) names are essentially pointers (IPNS names) to pointers (IPFS CIDs) whereas IPFS CIDs are immutable (because they're derived from the content) pointers to content.