Unstoppable URL Shortener on PoW Blockchain .

Many URL shorteners face the risk of link expiration, but ours, built on the Nervos blockchain, provides lasting links with 0 gas fees.

Getting a short url only takes a few steps.

.bit account is a decentralized identity (DID) service operating on the Nervos blockchain, enabling data storage.

Blending Web2 and Web3 in URL Shortening.

Future of Technology Lies in Mixing the Old with the New, Not Choosing Between Them.


No reliance on a single server, anyone can run their own service.

Permissionless design allows anyone to run their own short url resolution service, with data access and writing being unrestricted.


URL data is securely recorded in your .bit account on the blockchain.

As long as your .bit account remains active, your short url content will be continuously stored on the blockchain, protected by a PoW.


All data is anonymous, transparent, and zero traffic tracking

We do not track the redirected addresses, record any user information, and ensure user privacy security through SSL encryption.

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

    • What is a URL Shortener?

      A URL shortener, also known as a link shortener. These services convert lengthy URLs into shorter, more readable links. When users click on the shortened link, they are redirected to the destination URL. Think of it as a memorable nickname for your web address, making it easier for people to understand where the link leads.

    • What if my .bit account expires?

      If your .bit account expires, your short url data will be automatically cleared, and the short urls will become invalid.

    • What is a custom URL Shortener?

      A custom URL shortener transforms long URLs into concise, brand-enhancing links. Instead of random characters, you can include identifiable words or phrases. This tool converts standard URLs into brand-relevant, shortened links, enhancing brand visibility, recall, and trust with your audience.

    • What is your privacy policy?

      We do not collect or store any private information.

    • What are the benefits of a short URL?

      Who remembers long web addresses filled with characters and symbols? Short URLs are more memorable and easily shared. They can boost traffic to your content. Short URLs are also convenient for both online and offline engagement with your audience.

    • What is Nervos Network?

      Nervos Network is a collection of open-source community-driven blockchain ecosystem and protocols. Learn more at https://www.nervos.org/ .